Cardinal of Vienna Celebrates with CFC FFL

(from Martin Dorfner, CFC FFL Austria)

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn was warmly welcomed and awaited by the Community with lots of children and youth at the annual Christmas celebration of CFC FFL Austria. One could feel his joy when they pressed on him to “mano” and “take picture”(you know what I mean). He talked to them and blessed the babies and children and talked to the youth. The whole house was packed with members.

Amazingly when the Cardinal in his welcome remark praised the Filipinos for still having many children and that one can hardly see “old people”. He spoke about the RH Bill in the Philippines, and said that even the title “Reproductive” is a great lie and already an insult as we are not reproductions of our parents but individual creations of God. He was happy to hear that CFC FFL is at the forefront of fighting for the disapproval of the RH bill.

The cardinal was really touched by the worship and the songs; I observed how he wiped some tears from his face. He also raised his hands and read the text of the songs attentively, even sang.

The Cardinal gave his address to the members and he praised CFCFFL as being a great hope in the secular environment of Europe. He shared his experiences in the Philippines from his only visit in 1977. He was hosted at a house of the Dominicans near Sto Domingo Church and was surprised that every hour since 5 in the morning he heard a mass being offered and that there were so many young people.

It was a blessed time for both CFC FFL and the Cardinal. Merry Christmas!

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