CFC FFL and the WHITE VOTE Movement

April 10, 2013


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


The peace and joy of the Lord be with you all.


Elections are upon us once again. Normally we as CFC-FFL will not directly engage in the political realm. This is not because it is not proper, since we are all citizens of our nation who are concerned about good governance. Rather, it is to focus on our basic mission of evangelization and family renewal, and to avoid any potential division that partisan politics can easily cause.


However, we have come to a time when there is a growing convergence between politics, particular the elections, and our very mission. As you know, global anti-life and anti-family forces (represented by those who are for reproductive health or RH) have an ongoing concerted assault against what we hold dear–faith, family and life. Global RH forces are imposing a culture of death on the whole world–with contraception, divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage.


Here in our nation, just as in every other nation, these diabolical forces have started with contraception. Our legislature has just passed the RH Law. As is the experience of all other nations, what inevitably follows are divorce and abortion. Same-sex marriage and euthanasia will not be far behind. These are imposed through laws.


As such, it is critical that we elect pro-lifers to the legislature. Otherwise, more anti-life and anti-family laws will be passed, and the destruction of our families, of our nation, and of the Church will come.


In this regard, we as CFC-FFL are part of a lay initiative started by the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, the lay arm of the Episcopal Commission on the Lay Apostolate (ECLA), under the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). This initiative has the full support of our Church hierarchy. It is called the White Vote movement.


The White Vote movement for the May 13 election will focus on electing pro-lifers to the Senate. They are those incumbent Senators who voted against the RH Bill. We will also include others who we know to be trustworthy pro-lifers. We know them collectively as TEAM BUHAY.


Now unfortunately, there are those Senators who voted for the RH Bill, some of whom have also manifested their support for divorce and even same-sex marriage, who are leading in surveys. This is due to our politics of personality and popularity. But we cannot afford to have them in the Senate. As such, we will also come out with a list of TEAM PATAY, those who are pro-RH. We should not vote for them.


Is the only issue that of being pro or against RH? No, there are other important issues, such as corruption, competence and commitment to the welfare of the people. You should also consider these. However, indeed the most important issue is whether one is pro-RH or anti-RH. If the pro-RH win, then the culture of death on our nation intensifies. This election then is a fight between good and evil, between life and death, between God and the devil. That in the end is what our choice on whom to vote for is about.


Please join us in this White Vote movement. God bless you all.


Your brother and co-worker,


Frank Padilla

Servant General


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