CFC FFL Canada BoC

Brothers and Sisters,

It is with joy and thanksgiving to the Lord that I announce the appointment of the following servant-leaders of the CFC-FFL Canada as members of the Body of Counselors (BoC) effective September 1, 2012.

1. Beppo Paredes, Social Ministries National Coordinator

2. Mike Javier, Work For Life Ministry National Coordinator

3. Ed Rubiales, Eastern Canada Area Mission Coordinator

4. Tony Lim, Family Ministries National Coordinator

5. Max Dela Cruz, Administration and Finance Management Coordinator

6. Jose Lee, Liturgical Bible Study National Coordinator and Communication Bureau Coordinator

Bro James Estiaga, who was asked to be part of BoC, prefers to focus on being the Western Canada Area Coordinator and will just have regular service meetings with the CoS

The members of the BoC are tasked with the following responsibilities:

1) Gives counsel and assists the Country Servant (CoS) on overall governance of CFC-FFL Canada, acting as a consultative body.

2) Collectively looks to the preservation of the vision, mission and charism of CFC-FFL.

3) Assists the CoS in ensuring that the communal life, policies and culture of CFC-FFL are vigorously pursued.

4) Assists the CoS in ensuring that servant- leaders live out the CFC-FFL Core Values to the highest degree.

5) Helps develop overall thrusts, strategies, policies and basic formation programs for CFC-FFL Canada, and recommends same to the CoS for approval.

6) Assists each other in their respective tasks by giving inputs as needed.

Let us pray that this Body of Counselors be guided by God and be empowered by the Holy Spirit that the Lord may use them according to God’s will to help govern His people in Canada and in the furtherance of our mission throughout the country.

Their appointments are for a term of 3 years co-terminus with the appointment of the Country Servant, subject to renewal. Their individual appointment letters will be issued shortly


God bless.


Kit Galema

Country Servant