CFC FFL Family to be Featured in GMA 7’s I-Witness Tonight!



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The Junio Family from CFC FFL District of Novaliches (Restoration Village-Remarville) was interviewed by GMA 7 correspondent, Sandra Aguinaldo, for the award-winning documentary program, “I-Witness” and the episode is set to air tonight, October 14, 2013, 11:30PM. The documentary aims to send the message that happiness can be found in having large families despite the ongoing mentality in society that it is better to have a small one due to economic reasons. To quote the article in that gives us a glimpse of what will be aired tonight:

Happy families come in all sizes.

According to the National Statistics Office, the average Filipino family size is 5, with 3 children for every family.  But with the ballooning population of 92 million, we often ask, isn’t it better to have a smaller family?

I suppose the answer is, it depends. Obviously not all families can afford to have a big one, or for some, not even one child. But for those who choose to have a large family, they would likely say, the sacrifices are all worth it.

For sure clothes and toys get passed around from one child to the next, meals are all too often a small catering event and the constant noise will always be, well…constant.

The cost of raising a big family is also often talked about and even middle-income earners would agree, money wouldn’t be tight if they had 2 instead of 7.

The Junio household comprises of 2 parents and 7 children—ages 21, 20, 14, 13, 4, 2, and the youngest being 2 months old. Though half of the children are grown-up, living in a 40 square meter home with 2 active toddlers and a baby can get chaotic.

In another part of town, the Mendoza family lives in a 3-bedroom bungalow.  All 9 children share 2 dorm-type accommodations, 2 bathrooms, and a study area that looks like a school library.  The clothes that they have accumulated are so huge that instead of closets, a whole room was dedicated to accommodate all their clothes.

Asked what they tell their friends about having a big family, 20 year-old Mari says, “we are rich in love”.

Parents of both families agree, it’s not easy raising many kids but both work hard to send the children to private schools. Both try to give their children the best life they can afford.

This Monday on I-Witness, Sandra Aguinaldo discovers the “happy chaos” of living in a large family.

Catch The Junios as they share what their faith has taught them in raising a big, happy and contented family in GMA Channel 7’s I-Witness, to be shown at 11:30PM tonight!