CFC FFL in Protest Rally versus Manila Summit

CFC FFL joined other groups (like Adamson University, Live Christ Share Christ Movement, Pro-Life Philippines, Ang Prolife, Buhay, Ang Kapatiran Party, Live Pure Movement, and more!) this morning at the PICC to protest the Manila Summit.

One of the goals of the Manila Summit is to promote condoms and contraception to corporations, and even have it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

We stated our position that the family is more important and needs to be defended from these attacks. There is a need for more active and vocal positions regarding life issues. And our community is at the forefront of bringing this message to the people.

Messages were given by Oscar Contreras, Servant General Frank Padilla, EJ Aguila of the Live Pure Movement and Xavier Padilla of FLiQ Media and Buhay, among others.

No to Manila Summit! No to RH Bill!

Check more pictures here.