CFC-FFL & Intellicare conducts initial Annual Physical Exams at CFC Brampton RV

(by: Bonjie Bonjibod, WWP)

CFC-FFL Health Min. doctors doing the check ups

CFC-FFL Work With the Poor & Health Ministries, together with Intellicare (an HMO company), conducted an initial Annual Physical Examination (APE) at CFC Brampton Restoration Village on Sunday, Apr.22, 2012, at the RV site at Grezar, Brgy. Bagbag, Novaliches. Doctors from the CFC-FFL Health Ministry were on hand to do the physical assessment while Intellicare bought along their mobile clinic & staff to do the CBC, Fecalysis, Urinalysis, and X-Ray. A total of 170 beneficiaries (adults & children) availed of the services. The activity is part of  a comprehensive health program for the RV site with Intellicare as partner.  They will be conducting a yearly APE to monitor the health conditions of the beneficiaries.  Intellicare has sponsored  the on-going construction of a permanent clinic at the 3rd floor of the RV community center .

Registration of patients

Getting patients’’ vital signs

Blood extraction for CBC

Waiting for their turn at X-Ray van

Specimen gathering for urinalysis & fecalysis

Intellicare mobile clinic staff 

CFC FFL Health Ministry