CFC FFL Joins Rally to FIGHT the RH Bill

Yesterday, our CFC FFL community was one with 40,000 other people in saying NO to the RH Bill (Ibasura!).

We gathered at the Home Office and marched together to the EDSA Shrine. Even the sudden downpour of rain did not stop the joyous parade of CFC FFL.

At the Shrine, the afternoon – albeit rainy – was blessed. The rain and flooded streets did not stop people from coming – and from staying the whole 8 hour program. Everyone listened to the speeches, danced along to the animation and celebrated the Holy Eucharist. All as ONE. All UNITED under God.

We were broadcasting over social media the whole afternoon, and you can read our tweets here.

Some pictures:

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  1. I am to be in every opportunity to show our advocacy on life. Marching along edsa with our community leading to the shrine last august 4 under the rain was really an experience of fighting faith. I felt the pain of Jesus but had also felt His love with the fulfillment I felt after. Strong wind didnt pulled down my plackard, and God know how much energy I gave to counter attack. This is exactly the fight bro and sis. like the wind the will pull and push, like the rain that will try to sweep, like the anoying trumpets of the moving buses that will try to disturb, BUT theres the passsengers who I purposely lead the plackards, not the bus but the people who may read it anyway. Theres the passersby who will understand our pain when I strongly oppoesed the wind just to have the plackards seen above all. We continue to fight, even under the rain. This is the fight. BUT the rain was made so we can better appreciate the sun shining.

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