CFC FFL Servant Council of Canada (2015-2017)

Dear brothers and sisters,

I write you ( in behalf too of our Servant General Frank  Padilla ) to formally announce the results of our joint discernment as to who will compose the members of the Servant Council of CFCFFL Canada for the period August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2017. The joint reflection took into account the following factors: the results of the consultative vote, quality of service, attendance in household meetings, prayer assemblies and conferences, tithing, manifested attitude and overall behavior on servant leadership ( based on the guidelines of the SG on servant leadership), support for the LCSC .

Based on these criteria, the results of our joint discernment came out with the following names:
1. Bro Max dela Cruz
2. Bro. Bobby Ribo
3. Bro. Kit Galema
4. Bro. Jun Almeyda
5. Bro. Leo de Guia
6. Bro. Boyet Altura
7. Bro. Jose Lee

Immediately after this announcement, the 7 brethren spent time in prayer with our Spiritual Director, Fr. Lorenzo Salandanan  for proper discernment  and elected among themselves the Country Servant (CoS).

Thus, with both a sense of joy and privilege, we would like to inform all brethren, as well that Bro Kit Galema has been re-elected for a 2nd term as your Country Servant.

We again urge and encourage you to provide your overall support, cooperation and assistance to your new CoS and SC as they chart and guide the directions of the community for the next 2 years. The task of massive and urgent evangelization has become more serious, urgent and grave as we find more of our Christian brethren stray out of the pasture and become indifferent, apathetic, and lost. It is time for us to reach out to the parishes and our publics to bring back the strayed and wandering 99 sheep back to the pasture of the Good Shepherd. As such, LCSC remains a priority while we also sustain our efforts in strategic person- to- person evangelization.

May God’ s anointing be with our chosen leaders and may He continue to bless our community.

Nonong Contreras
Country Coordinator