CFC FFL Servant Council of the USA (2016)


My dear brethren, greetings of peace and joy in the love and mercy of our Lord!
The term of the US Servant Council (SC) expires today. I thank all you my brothers who have served God and our community. I deeply appreciate it, knowing the work is hard and challenging. But I am sure it has had its own reward, as there is nothing like being given the privilege of serving the Lord.
Now we move on. And we see that God blesses our community with many capable servant leaders. We rejoice in seeing our brethren move up and stand to be counted among those who will give much more of themselves in selfless service. And so I am herewith appointing the new members of the SC effective July 1, 2016, as follows:
(1) Boots Abalos
(2) Tim Alviz
(3) Eric Pormento
(4) Barber Rabor
(5) Bembet Salazar
(6) Ben Waga
(7) Ed Yamba.
I am retaining bro Ed Yamba as Country Servant (CoS). The SC serves for a term of 2 years.
I enjoin everyone to support those who have been appointed, and to keep them in your prayers. Let all be united in heart and mind.
We live in very exciting times, as the tsunami of evil especially in the USA grows ever more powerful. You must be holy warriors. There is very much work that needs to be done. All hands on deck and let everyone actively participate in the fullness of our life and mission.
God bless you all.
“For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” (Phil 1:21)