CFC FFL Spiritual Director at Vatican

Our Spiritual Director, Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB, [seen in the video above at 0:55] is also at the Vatican for a meeting of the International Theological Commission.

According to Rome Reports:

Benedict XVI met with the International Theological Commission. At the request of the pope, the commission is analyzing three issues. They include monotheism, the Social Doctrine of the Church and its method of theology. In regards to monotheism, the pope said it shouldn’t be a source of violence, but rather of personal and universal peace.

And according to the Vatican YouTube channel:

“Christian theology together with the lives of all the faithful, must restore to happy and crystalline visibility the impact of Trinitarian revelation on the life of our community.”

Those were Pope Benedict’s words to the participants in the Plenary Assembly of the International Theological Commission, which concluded its annual session today at the Vatican.

Continue to pray for him [as it is also his birthday today], the ITC and the Pope.