CFC KFL Canada’s National Kids Conference

(re-posting from CFC KFL. By Bro. Simon and Sister Arlene Cuison)

The sun started to rise just past after 6 in the morning.  “This is the day the Lord has made for these young ones”.  But then again, I knew that this day was made for us all.  The toils of the service team.  Novenas recited, fasting, the small as well as the big sacrifices offered for the children of CFC-FFL  Toronto, it was all boiling down today.

When we reached the venue.  Brothers and Sisters from all the different chapters where staring to come in.  Some were parking in, some were already on their way in building their booths that they have all prepared and planned for the children to enjoy when the time came for the children to see.

The feeling of excitement was pumping through my heart.  I knew they all prepared for the children.  This was for sure because everybody was helping out each other.  Kuya Paul placed the tone of control and assurance that it was all according to plan, God’s plan.  We prayed that morning, held hands and offered it all to Him.

We began with a Bang!  The kids were anxious. The parents were settling down and the production team was on the roll.  Radios on; matrix in hand; mics in place; the instruments strumming and beating.  The intro video played and the ECs came.  It was a good start.  Followed by the opening prayer, Tito Pepe at the helm to welcome the children. Then Tito Alex officiated the formal opening with poppers and confetti , the conference has begun.

A few ice breakers, by Kuya Jover and Ate Elemar, they got the kids comfy in no time.  Next, the chapters where all cued in for their chants and the noise reverberated to the heavens.  I could almost hear the angels coming; curious, wondering what the fuzz was all about.  Then came our guest of Honor.  Papa Jesus saw his children coming to him and so we where there too waiting to be with Him once more.

Then came the presentations of each Chapter, and boy was it good.  Everybody shared themselves to the body.  I suppose that is why this was necessary.  It was a re-affirmation of our love for each other.

As always, when lunch time came, the good old familiar smell of Popeye’s Chicken was there.  It was a hearty meal with the juice pack that closed it all.

The sessions started right after the afternoon worship.  The so-called meat of the day was delivered to the children in a hot platter as enticing and sweet as honey.  The children welcomed it and just as the 2nd session begun, we sat down with the parents of these children and heard what their concerns were and favorite parts as well.  We also dove down deeper into the Ministry and sought out new ways in bringing God’s children closer to him.  “What could we do better?”   was the driving force to these committed parents for their children.

The booth presentation was awesome. The kids were given the chance to see them all and enjoy the beauty and perks each booth was able to offer.  There were 9 chapters so there were 9 booths set up just for them.  And in the end, the children were offered to choose w/c among them their favorite.  For me everybody was a winner.  I saw that everyone made their booths beautiful, all pitched in to make them, all helped out each other to accomplish the impossible.  The brotherhood and fun that these booths gave the children and the Titos and Titas in making them made them all winners.  But the kids have made their choice and so there was one choice the kids voted for and boy where they ever happy to have received a trophy coming from the kids.

We ended the day with a praise fest ala kids (with actions songs) but the parents danced their cares away.  When Tito Dante extended his hand to pray and ask the Almighty God for blessings along with the children’s parents, the kids went hope with something more than just the new friends they have found, something more than the take home McDonalds’ sandwich with Pie to satisfy their stomachs. They took home the lessons learned from Sessions 1 and 2.  From Filbert the converted child and of course they took home our hearts and love together with the Angels and Saints, Mama Mary and Papa Jesus.  God Himself has put His hand over His children and called them by name and claimed them His own.

To those beautiful Brothers and Sisters in the territorial areas, the KFL’s sincerest gratitude.

To the Titas and Titos in the KFL Ministry, may you be blessed and inspired to push and love more the children in your care.

To the Ates and Kuyas, your dedication and blind love to God and his Ministry is truly inspiring.  We learn from your passion.

To the Dads and Moms, your commitment to your children is unmatched.  We cannot do this alone, you have shown your love to your children and they know it!

And to the Great Amen, our lives are given meaning through our service to You and our service is for you is what give us life.


Of course these are just all based from what my own eyes have shown me. See it for yourself