CFC KFL USA Conference 2011

Last July 15-17, 2011, CFC FFL USA celebrated their 17th National Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago Illinois. While the couples were having their Conference at the Grand Ballroom, the kids were also having their own simultaneously.

The Conference was opened by a rosary and mass together. The CFCs of Chicago prepared an opening dance number. And some of the kids were also asked to represent the youngest ministry to the opening number. After that, the kids went to their own venue to be welcomed by the youth and singles service team. They had their own Kids Praise, which unlike the adults include more dancing and jumping up and down. They also had fun games lead. The day was concluded with “Kids Got Talent” show, where the kids showcased their talents to their fellow participants and their parents. There were some who sang, danced, played the piano, and even showed off their taekwondo moves. It was wonderful to see the kids cultivating their talents at such an early age.

The next day started early with rosary and mass again with their parents. During the first session, given by Julius Medrano, the kids learned that they have a powerful God and that they can rely on Him because He is their strength. During the afternoon sessions, the group split up into Junior and Senior Kids for their workshops. The workshops consist of activities that would allow them to grow and Have Strong Mind, Strong Body and Strong Heart. Towards the end of the day the kids came back to the conference venue in their pajama. They had fun learning new moves during their  dance party. When the kids got a little tired and calmed down, they started to watch the movie “Despicable Me” until their parents came back to pick them up.

On the last day, the kids started with their own rosary and breakfast. The second session was given by Raymond Foronda. Here the kids learned how they too can be strong like their Strong God. They realized the importance of being strong in all aspects of their lives – in body, mind and heart. Towards the end, Lenard Sabio, a 10-year old KFL member from Oklahoma lead the closing worship.  It was touching to see one of the kids leading his fellow kids in worship. It was a manifestation that God has indeed touched the hearts of the kid throughout the weekend.

The service team also experienced difficulty not only in handling the kids. They also had a problem with the food arrangement and so they would often find themselves waiting for the kids to finish eating and wait to see if they will have leftovers. Some of the service team members were not able to eat. But nobody complained; instead they still continued to serve with the well being of the kids in mind before their own. Their hunger did not hinder them from giving their all and making sure that the conference will be a success. This is a manifestation that God truly is their strength. (Jaline Abanador, CFC SFL Fulltimer)