CFC KFL USA’s National Kids Conference

(Re-posted from CFC KFL)

By Maria Ignacio, CFC KFL USA Mission Volunteer

As our base ministry, the Kids for Family and Life are perhaps one of our most important ministries. In Matthew 18:3-4, Jesus says, “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” My counterpart, RG Garcia, always said that he admires the kids because of their childlike faith. They are so much in awe of God. They are aware of how big God is, of how great he is.  God asks us to be like children, to humble ourselves like children do, to be aware of the His greatness in our lives. And this is truly what God has showed us at the KFL conference and continues to show us in each moment we spend with the children of God.

The national KFL Conference in the United States was held in Burbank, California, simultaneous with the CFC Conference. It was a fun-filled, Christ-centered weekend that went by more quickly than any of us could have imagined.

It began Friday night with mass in the main CFC venue, followed by the opening of the conference, led by our National KFL Ministry Coordinator, Cid Macaraeg. The opening ceremonies included an opening dance number by our productions team (comprised of youth and kids), a skit done by our senior KFL, and a banner parade dance in which each area’s representative took up their flags to join in the dancing on stage. Incorporating senior KFL in our service team was something we had never done in conferences prior to this one. We hoped that this would help achieve more unity with our ministries and to smooth the transition process to YFL when the kids got older. As the preparations progressed, it became apparent to us that we made the right move. Friday night continued with a kid’s praise followed by a Red-Carpet Movie Night done in Hollywood fashion.

Saturday was a very busy, but fruitful day. In attempt to bring the museums of California to the venue, the logistics team recreated the essence of each museum and made exhibits for the kids to learn and create, actively using their minds (and their hands) to learn more about God’s creation and the life he gave us, tying it to session one. With enthusiasm and creativity, Veronica Dela Fuente gave the first session, Life Promise, highlighting God’s gifts to us as blessings with her use of actual presents in her talk. Session two, Step Yes or Step No, was split in half, junior kids and senior kids, given by Jannelle Barit and Kimberly Poquiz.

The afternoon was filled with surprises for the kids. During the workshops, the “Superhero” workshop was visited by Spiderman, aka JV Ocate himself. In this workshop the kids made utility belts, comprised of their tools –the rosary, the bible, and the cross. Following the workshops was session three, lead by Jesus, or Kyle Mefferd in a costume and a beard. We were also visited by our Servant General, Frank Padilla, who greeted the kids to show his support and by John Cellona, the Southern California CFC Area Servant. And perhaps the most inspiring part of the day was our Saturday evening praisefest, lead by one of our very own senior KFL, Aaron Garcia.

We concluded this year’s KFL conference on Sunday with a final session given by Spiderman, JV Ocate, who tied the three sessions from Saturday together and mass in the main venue with the CFC, in which Father called the children forward to bless them. He also spoke to the congregation about the importance of the KFL ministry because these children are the future of our community. They are the future leaders that will move us forward.

From the very beginning the KFL have inspired us as youth and singles to humble ourselves in service of them and of God. In preparing to teach them how to “Live Like Jesus,” we ourselves have grown and learned more about living as Jesus did. The kids bring us back to the basics – love God, love our families, love our friends, and love ourselves. They have shown us – not only at the conference, but also during preparations with senior KFL – their love for God and that they hunger to learn more AND have fun doing it. Their energy is endless; from games and worship in the morning, to dancing and praisefest in the evening, they continue to jump and laugh and show us just how much they can do in one day. It was also a reminder to us to remember why we do what we do. It’s not about ourselves, but about God. It’s always for Him.

And that’s the beauty of the weekend, in all our preparations, it was a unified effort between the KFL, YFL, SFL, and CFC – our family ministries working together to serve our God, humbling ourselves to build our foundation, going back to the basics, and serving the kids with humble hearts.