Children’s Rosary Rally – Novaliches

(Maan Palma, CFC KFL Fulltime worker)

Early morning last October 1, the parish of San Nicolas de Tolentino was filled with excited CFC KFL kids from different chapters from the District of Novaliches to celebrate the month of Mama Mary for the Children’s Rosary Rally. The day started with a catechesis about Mama Mary and the rosary given by Ms. Galang.

After the catechesis, the children participated in the Living Rosary.  Every child was holding an offering of love, with the purpose of sharing and offering their prayer intention to people who are in need. They offered a Rosary for those brothers and sisters in conflict areas, medicines for those sick people, old clothes for the children who are abandoned, Non-cooked food for those people who are suffering from hunger and old toys for abused children. After which, Father Larry Garces celebrated the mass with the kids.

Since it was also the feast day of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, the kids were inspired with the homily about Saint Therese wherein every child has a chance to be a saint and they should start now while they are young. The activity ended with a Kids Praise activity led by Kuya Renzo.

Everybody went home with a happy heart with a challenge from Father Larry to do a good thing each and every day.