Choosing God is a Decision you will Never Regret

Choosing God is a Decision you will Never Regret

A reflection on the Book El Camino de Santiago
By Philip dela Vega, CFC FFL Fulltime Worker

When I read the book of El Camino de Santiago, the first thing comes to my mind is that: “CHOOSING GOD IS A DECISION YOU WILL NEVER REGRET.”  But along the way, when we choose him and follow him, the path is different because it is the path of discipleship. As we follow Jesus, we start to “look” more and more like him; and as we look more like him, we look less like the world.

And how to follow Jesus Christ? Like St. James did, let me share to you my reflection to the El Camino De Santiago.

Let him deny himself

To deny one’s self, in this context, means more than what we sometimes talk about as works of self-denial – fasting or other kinds of personal sacrifice. It means to deny a certain relationship with one’s self. It’s saying, “I’m not my own. I don’t belong to myself; I’m not my own master. I belong to the Lord Jesus.”

Take up His cross

Jesus tells us, “Take up your cross.” It is like saying, “If you are going to be my disciple, you might as well get ready for execution. You have to be ready to die for my cause, and to die a painful, degrading death. Go ahead and get your piece of wood and start carrying it, because that is what we are headed for.”

Follow Him

In saying, “Follow me,” Jesus is demanding of his disciples total dedication, total commitment, and an almost reckless disregard for their own lives.

This is the authentic work of God! But Tito Frank Padilla said :

If you do authentic work of God, you will surely encounter difficulties, trials, oppression and persecution. Don’t get depressed. God will use those to purify and strengthen you. Look at the positive caused by the negative. LOOK AT THE SILVER LINING IN EVERY DARK CLOUD. Just persevere.

The Christian life is never easy, but the difficulties do not negate the joy. We consider Jesus, who “for the joy set before him . . . endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God”