Choosing Life in Costa Rica

(by Kristine Dianne ‘KeiDi’ de Soler, Matrimonios para Crista full time pastoral worker)

The first month of the year always marks the first major gathering of CFC FFL Costa Rica. This time held far north of the country, driving 4 hours from the city to the beautiful nature filled province of Bijagua, Upala. Breath taking Mountain View and warm, hospitable brothers and sisters welcomed us.

Here’s a quick run through of what transpired: Although meant to be an Echo of the conference in Argentina we decided to give it a twist and dedicated the first part to Pro Life and the second part about the last year’s theme, God is now my strength.

Morning worship, led by Tio Nestor Villegas accompanied by our 2 brothers from Nicaragua that helped us with the Music Ministry. Their passion for music had us dancing to worship songs all day long! (For those of you who have served in Latin America, you know what I mean!)

Mauricio Vega, our guest speaker courtesy of ADEVI Costa Rica (Asociación para la defensa de la vida) a Biologist and an aspirant missionary for consecrated lay person of Sodalicio de Vida Cristina explained to us more about the topics of In Vitro fertilization, abortion and sexuality. While Tio Julio Chavez our amazing country servant along with his beautiful wife Tia Ceci Chavez gave an intensive summary and sharing of the last year’s theme.

We were graced by the parish priest of Bijagua, Fr. Victor Julio with a Eucharistic Mass and exhorted the CFC FFV members to be more proactive, informed and to be in the front line when in comes to defending life! What an impressive introduction of this year’s Choose Life theme!

We ended our Conference with a very powerful Praise Fest led by Alejandro Loaiza from our Young Couples HH. It was simply amazing to see him there. He is new to the community yet so engrossed by Holy Spirit as he led the people of God to our culture of worship.

What a way to start the year and to introduce CHOOSE LIFE!

To learn more and live this year’s theme, we really hope and pray to bring all our Costa Ricans brothers and sisters to the coming 12th Latin America conference in Nicaragua! Please pray for us. In the mean time, we have 4 hours drive back home, all excited to give and practice what we’ve just learned! God bless you all!


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  1. Pura Vida MPC Costa Rica! Es un gran alegría a ver la mano de Dios en el trabajo que ustedes hacen. Dios ha sido fiel por eso la vida de comunidad de MPC sigue creciendo y alcanzar mayores alturas. Siempre, estan en mis oraciones. Les quiero!

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