Continent and Diaspora Coordinators

My dear brethren, looking to the next 35 years of CFC-FFL and anticipating a massive work of evangelization and mission throughout the world in the coming years, I am herewith appointing Continent Coordinators (CoC) and Diaspora Coordinators (DC) to assist in the overall work.


The task of the CoCs is to assist the Servant General (SG) in overseeing our worldwide work.

The task of DCs is to look to the evangelization of particular ethnic/national groups living in the different countries of the world, to do as the Filipinos did with their own countrymen in bringing them to CFC/CFC-FFL.

Both the CoCs and the DCs will not be in direct governance, as that is the task of the respective Servant Councils (SC) and/or Country Servants (CoS) in the different countries. But they do carry the authority of the SG as his extensions.

Part of the CoC’s task is to see how CFC-FFL can be established in the different countries in the continent or region. This however would not be of utmost urgency, considering various challenges, not least of which is mission finances. Rather, we would await opportunities that the Spirit might open up for us.

Both the CoCs and the DCs form an International Body of Counselors (IBC), the members of which act as counselors to the SG. The IBC meets with the SG once a year, on rotation basis in the different countries represented by IBC members.

The following are the CoCs:

* Africa — Tony Correia

* Americas — Ed Yamba

* Asia — Nonong Contreras

* Europe — Mike Frigge

* Indian Subcontinent — A.V. Jose

* Middle East — Benjie Gadi

* Oceania — Lachie Agana


The following are the DCs:

* Hispanics/Latinos — Edwin Andrews

* Indians — A.V. Jose

* Indonesians — Ed Paalam

* Vietnamese — John Peter Vui

With this development, I also do look forward to greater interaction among our brethren throughout the world. One exciting thing would be for our members to start participating in the annual conferences of CFC-FFL in the different countries.

You all are most welcome to do so.

Please extend to our CoCs and DCs your respect and cooperation, as we all strive to move our life and mission forward. Do keep them in your prayers constantly.

God bless.


“For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” (Phil 1:21)