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May 6, 2016

Cooperatives will be a big element of our work with the poor, through the No One in Need (NONe) movement. We intend to establish cooperatives in Restoration Villages (RVs) and especially in parishes, as part of the work of LCSC. We will build a network of cooperatives, servicing the needs of the poorest of the poor, from providing cheaper goods that they need from day-to-day to backward integration into agricultural production.

Our LCSC cooperatives will be steeped in values formation, with special focus on spirituality and family renewal. Thus we intend to become instruments of the Holy Spirit in achieving material and spiritual liberation.

The intent is to replicate the situation of the first Christian community, where there was no one in need.


Pope renews praise for cooperatives

May 05, 2016

In a video message to a conference sponsored by the Confederation of Italian Cooperatives, Pope Francis recalled the themes of an earlier address to the organization and praised cooperatives for promoting brotherhood, “the resource that the world has most need of today.”

In his May 4 message, the Pope said that the migrant crisis, terrorism, and the global economy have made the themes of his previous address more timely than ever. He also called upon cooperatives to work closely with parishes and dioceses and to reach out to persons in need.


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