“Whoever believes in Me will do what I do – yes, he will do even greater things…”

(Jn 14:12)


That was God’s word for me on my first day on mission in Costa Rica – May 9, 2007.  It has been exactly four years ago. I was in a CFC Household Meeting that night.  I was clueless about what everyone was saying because they were all speaking in Spanish.  All I understood  was that they were sharing about their reflections on a gospel reading. I quietly read the gospel in English and this verse just spoke to me – that I will be able to do greater things if I will believe in Him.


I knew it was God’s personal promise to me as I “formally” began my missionary life.  I was away from family and friends.  I barely knew Spanish.  I had no laptop, cellphone or any of the things that make life convenient for me.  But I had God’s Word with me and I can count on His promise.


Indeed, greater things have come since then.  Costa Rica has been blessed with the continued presence of missionaries and the work of evangelization has been faithfully sustained by God.  I learned Spanish.  I gained lifetime family and friends in Latin America.  Since I came back from foreign mission, God has not stopped in revealing to me what He can do with my every “yes” as I continued to serve wherever He leads me – in Mindanao, in other different provinces, and now in Metro Manila.  Things just keep getting better and better.


And as I read the gospel this day, God affirms what He told me four years ago…


John 6:28-29…  “What can we do in order to do what God wants us to do?

Jesus answered, ‘What God wants you to do is to believe in the One He sent.”


Never mind what you or others think you can or cannot do.

Never mind if you do not know everything.

“What God wants you to do is to believe in the One He sent.”

He knows everything.  He can do everything.


All things are possible.

Just believe. In Him.

And I’ve not stopped believing.

(Marie Relucio)


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