Day 3 of Relief Operations

Day 3 of Relief Operations brought the team to our Restoration Villages in Valenzuela. The floods in the area are still knee deep, so the team had to rent makeshift boats to bring the relief goods to our brothers and sisters. In the Home Office, re-packing continued as generous community and non-community members donated goods and their time as well.

Thank you to Frank and Gerry Padilla, Kenneth and Joni Guanzon, CFC FFL Thailand, Domeng Gregorio, Magtibay Family, Bambi and Maricar Urgino, Nona Cammayo, Lorena Family, Waters Philippines, Buklod-1 ME Community, CFC FFL Tarlac Center, Fel and Rose Tongol, Louie and Charlie Mutuc, Boy and Mila Reganit, Chito and Maribel Liban, Mila Alto, Tinay Mamaril, Vanie Rivera and Gam Itao!

Our Home Office will be open tomorrow from 8AM to 2PM to receive donations and to re-pack goods.

Look at pictures from our relief operation for our RV site in Valenzuela: