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September 4, 2015

You see below the sorry state of Catholicism in the USA, which is also the case in most western nations, including Canada, Australia and the nations of Europe. The situation in the developing world is not as bad, but is worsening by the day. Corrupt and immoral western values are a tsunami of evil overwhelming the whole world.

Here you also see why 99 of the 100 sheep are lost. There are those who have totally left the Church, and there are those who are still in the Church but dissent from authentic Church teaching. Further, there are those who have no idea of God’s call to holiness.

It will be extremely difficult, given today’s culture of permissiveness, to bring back these lost sheep. But we just need to try. And for those people and those nations where decadence has not yet reigned fully supreme, we must work to preserve and strengthen the faith of people.

How? By rapid and massive evangelization through LCSC. First the LCS. Second the 4 LCSC pillars, which are the crucial aspects of faith needed to face the current challenges. Third the SeLF, to teach parishioners and form parish leaders. We need to always speak the truth about Christian teaching and morality, because many Catholics who are still around are not knowledgeable enough. And their pastors are not teaching them, preferring to be politically correct.


New poll confirms widespread dissent from Church moral teachings among US Catholics

Catholic World News – September 02, 2015

Dissent from Church teachings on contentious moral issues is widespread among Catholic Americans, a new Pew Research survey has confirmed.

A majority of Catholics believe that the use of contraceptives, extra-marital sex, and remarriage after divorce are not sinful, according to the poll. More than a third of American Catholics (39%) do not believe that homosexual acts are sinful.

The Pew poll found that substantial minorities of self-identified Catholics think it is acceptable for children to be raised by unmarried couples (48%) or by same-sex couples (43%). A large majority (79%) think it acceptable for married couples to choose not to have children.

Not surprisingly, the Pew survey found that Catholics who attend Mass regularly are more likely to support the teachings of the Church. However, even among churchgoing Catholics there is substantial support for positions opposed to Church moral teachings. The Pew poll also provides new evidence that American Catholics are leaving the Church in large numbers. More than half of all Americans who were raised as Catholics have stopped practicing the faith at some point in their lives, the survey shows. Among those who say they have broken permanently with the Catholic Church, 77% report that they cannot imagine returning.

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