January 1, 2013


My dear brethren,


I am particularly excited about our life and work in this new year. Many significant aspects have intersected. The pope has called for the New Evangelization, the Church has proclaimed the Year of Faith, we are formally launching the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement, and we have taken on a super theme of “Faith Works Wonders” drawn from John 14:12.

This year is when we start getting back on track on rapid and massive evangelization. This has always been our calling, our charism, our reason for living. And such massive evangelization is precisely the need during these challenging times in this third millennium. The tsunami of evil that is the culture of death is overwhelming the whole world. Christians, especially Roman Catholics, need to rise in defense of the faith, of family and of life.

But as always, it depends on each of us individually. Each of us needs to make the decision to live our lives only for God, and to serve Him in building His kingdom on earth. If and when we do, then the Spirit empowers us, since we have just made ourselves the instruments that God indeed desires so much to use. It is all about God and His plan for the world.

So in this Year of Faith, do BE.LI.EV.E! Walk everyday with Jesus, never neglecting prayer and the Bible. Move steadily forward on the path to holiness and Christian perfection, enabled by the Eucharist. Share the good news boldly and persistently.

Know that there is already that person God is relying on you to reach. Know the joy of bringing someone else to salvation. As you do, God blesses you and your family, and takes care of all your needs. He is faithful and true, and is never outdone in generosity.

Thank you for what you have given of yourself in the year that has just ended. Let us all do more.

We are privileged to do the works of Jesus, and even greater works. Let us not miss out on such honor and joy.

God bless you and your family.


Your brother and co-worker in Christ,


Frank Padilla