2018 Destined for Greatness Household Topics

This is our theme for 2018. Our theme verse is as follows: “But you are ‘a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own’” (1 Peter 2:9a). Wow! Chosen. Royal. Holy. God’s own. What could be greater than that?!

But the enemy robs God’s people of what is destined for them. He has deceived them, and allowed them to accept much much less than what they truly are. As such, they are prevented from being God’s effective instruments in the world.

The first step in claiming our destiny is to understand what being destined for greatness means and what that entails. This will be our task for the whole year of 2018 as we dissect and enter deeply into our theme. – Frank Padilla

For this year 2018, our community will release monthly topics based on the letters of our Servant General. This topics can hopefully accompany the basic unit of our community, the Households, in their journey to greatness.

How to print: 

  1.  Each household topic contains 2 pages.
  2. Print each page back-to-back of each other.
  3. Fold in the middle to form a booklet.

Parts of a Household Topic

  1. GRAB – This part introduces the topic in a creative manner. It is a light and interactive question that requires just a top-of-mind answer.
  2. GRACE – This is the main part of the hpusehold topic. It contains the anchor text from the Bible and a text that expounds the verse and the topic. It therefore, important to teach and encourage your members to bring their own Bibles during your household meeting.
  3. GATHER – This is the part where the housheold members share their relaizations and learnings from the household topic. The household servants processes the sharings after all have taken their turn.
  4. GO FORTH – After discussing everyone’s thoughts and realizations, challenge your
    members to apply their learning from the household to their lives. The Household Servant should check if they have done the challenge on the following meeting.

(To download the topics, right click the image and select “Save link as”)