Eco Conferencia 2012 NICARAGUA!

(by KD Soler, Fulltime Worker of Matrimonios Para Cristo)
I was given the privilege to serve my Nicaraguan brothers and sisters to help them with their Echo Conference held last January 29, 2012 and as always, it was a blast! A whopping 430 people celebrated their first major activity of the year!

An echo of last year’s conference, which was held in Argentina our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters got a personalized taste of the theme, God, is now my strength. Better late than never! And like in any other conference, we worshipped, we danced, we cried, we laughed, we listened, we talked and of course a feast! 🙂
But as I observed this whole thing unfold, something made this gathering, extra special.  It’s a sneak peak. A teaser of something great and something way more exciting, the 11th Latin America Conference! Yes, this October 2012. After 6 years, the Lord has called them to host again!
And since then, their number has quadrupled! Praise the Lord!
They may be the most “humble” MPC FFV community we have, but they have the biggest heart! Doing one fund-raising after the other that started as early as last year. From selling food to raffling a motorcycle, they are on FIRE! It’s infectious!
It was heart warming to see all their smiles, their joy, and presence. To feel all their hugs and sincere welcome… I truly missed them.  Many people approached me, hugged me, talked to me… most of them I didn’t even know anymore and that brings and immense joy… they continued to evangelize!
As I look outside from my window, I can see Nicaragua drifting away until all that was left are clouds.  Here I am again I thought, saying goodbye to my first mission area. My 2-year mission there ended back in 2009, it was hard for me to leave then, yet now… there is a sense of peace.
They will be fine. No, in fact, they will be great! For God is the God of this people!