Jovenes para la Familia y la Vida – Ecuador

(by Edna Lyn T. Morales)

I am always amazed at how God spills surprises in youth camps. My husband and I together with our adorable baby witnessed how He uniquely wrote the camp of the 24 new members of Jovenes para la Familia y la Vida – Ecuador.

At first it seemed impossible for some to join because of lack of resources. It was humbling to hear how one group raised funds by selling empanadas to send a sister to a camp, parents who were tight on a budget still made it possible to have their child attend, a household of MPC modestly saved up so they could help a couple’s child within their group experience Christ. Indeed when God says “Gather my people…” He means “just go and I’ll take care of you.”

I love camps because new friendships unravel easily. Though we were not able to have a bonfire because of the rain, talent night was hilarious, and at the same time revealing to those who have come out from their shells. One of the sisters sang like Charlotte Church, how cool is that? And since she has become a crowd favorite, she rendered another song before we went to church on Sunday. She sang Adoro te devote, what a way to prepare us for the Holy Eucharist.

It was not just a weekend of renewal for the participants, but for the team as well. Indeed, no matter how many times one has heard a talk, still it brings an impact that reminds us of His resounding great love. The sharings made by the parents with their kids affirm me that our community is on the right path of saving families. As I listened to them, it made me pray that the Lord would protect our marriage and family life against the pangs of the evil ones. I tried to imagine how it would be years from now. I am sure there will be storms, but I trust in His presence knowing that His love for me is immense.

The camp’s end marked a new beginning in their journey as Christians. It may be a hazy road ahead, but with a firm grip with their Big Brother JC, they are not alone.