Encountering Christ with Joy and Sufferings

Encountering Christ with Joy and Sufferings

A reflection on the book El Camino de Santiago
By Mjoy de Guzman, CFC FFL Fulltime Worker

I found the book El Camino De Santiago very interesting. I have learned a lot from it. Most especially to appreciate difficulties in journeying the way to Jesus. There are many of Tito Frank’s experience and realizations presented on the book that we can agree with.

This book reminds me on how to be grateful in times of hardship in serving God. We as servant of the Lord, we all wanted to experience Real Joy, Fulfilment and Life changing experiences. But, we tend to forget the counter part of it. This is to experience pain, hurts, temptation, burdens in life, persecution of others and all bad things that can really happen to us. The servants here describe as the one who is taking care of God’s flock. That’s why he calls us to love others and to accept that loving others is not easy.

Serving God is a great privilege. We are privileged when we are suffering for the cause of Christ. There are times that we will be facing trials. But let us always remember that Jesus as the role model of true servant out of his love for the Lord he always cling to God’s purpose in his life. In order for us to focus on our goal which is to love God, and serve other people with love and a humble heart. Do not just give in to what’s easier in the moment. Even though we have a lot of things to complain about our life, to our members or to our co-servants, always remember that they are also striving and struggling to be Holy and they are not all perfect. Don’t expect that people like them will not disappoint you. Sometimes, they are the one that will hurt us. Jesus also experienced the same thing, but he always choose to love those people to glorify God.

Despite the deep pain that we are experiencing in our path, always remember that we are not alone, that he is in control and that he will never leave us. God allows those things to happen because he knows that we can deal with it and live with it.

There are times that we asked him why it is happening? It’s all because it’s part of the call. Before we experience joy in serving God, we need to see how powerful He is. He equips us through those sufferings. Christ wants to see the beautiful plan that he designed for us. We need to trust in him every time. He wanted all of us to be glad in serving him. We are witnessing the goodness of Christ. We are sharing his love with others. Serving is essentially loving others. Serving is not about ourselves!

Though there is joy for us as we serve, it is all about honouring God and glorify him. God uses circumstances and situations in order for us to grow with faith in him as His children.  It is in our service to him, to be contented and satisfied with the blessings coming from the Lord. And the real part of it is that when we serve God, we actually got blessed. We feel glad and joyful as we get to serve God in these entire life!