Enlarging HIS Territories

“…enlarge my territory Oh Lord, let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm…” 1 Chronicles 4:10

From the many countries in Latin America: Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Argentina; and NOW, here in North America! This is how HE wants to enlarge my territory for HIM.

We can never outdone God’s great plans for us. He plans for everything even before we are all born and that is the same greatness I see happening in my life as a missionary. Who can ever imagine where our “YES” can bring us.

After giving Him my “yes” to work as a missionary, the Lord has brought me to many countries in Latin America to proclaim HIS love and mercy in HIS most generous way. I’ve seen how He allowed people to know Him, love Him and commit to Him with so much conviction through this gift of mission.

Language has never been easy. To communicate God’s awesomeness in my life through CFC-FFL I needed to learn Spanish and loved it and lived it!

This is where God wants me to grow and extend His grace.

Now that God has brought me to a new mission area, I know in my heart that Texas will be my new home for this life for Christ. Starting here in Dallas, Coppell, Grand Prairie and Houston and expect for more places where our Hispanic brethren will start to sing just one song and proclaim only one great name – Jesus!

It may seem that mission here in North America is easier than being in South America where most of our Hispanics brothers and sisters are just starting to recover from poverty and government war. Mission is still the same here. Challenges as to how to materialize plans for missions still need to have more prayers and fasting just like when I was in other Latin American countries. BUT my God remains the same.

Today our Hispanic community here in Texas, MATRIMONIOS PARA CRISTO FUNDACION PARA LA FAMILIA Y LA VIDA (MPC-FFV) is present in following areas: Houston, Coppell and Grand Prairie.

In Coppell, we are presently doing our CLS or as we say it in Spanish, Seminario de Vida Cristiana (SVC) and we have  11 couples , 2 singles and 14 kids who are very much committed in attending and sharing how God has been changing their lives every day.

In Grand Prairie we have 12 very inspiring Handmaids or Siervas para la Familia y La Vida. They make me see and feel how God can multiply my need for mother’s presence and love, and with these wonderful Siervas, God ensures me that He knows what will make me feel loved and cared for while on mission. They are in St. Michael’s Parish three times a week to attend mass and pray the rosary with the parishioners and have their households and teaching on a Friday.

Our MPC in Houston are very much involved in the parish activities and we have 2 active households who meet weekly.

Truly, the Lord knows how to enlarge our territories. He sends and equips us so we can powerfully bring His messages to our brothers and sisters.

I can never imagine myself without being in the mission. God truly changed my heart and made it beat more for Him and nothing more. This makes me yearn for more areas to bring HIM and for more people to share His greatness. Who am I to say no to a GOD who has been ever faithful in my life? With this, every day I am humbled to say, “Yes Lord, enlarge my territory!”

– Teny Mardo [Full time worker for MPC FFV in the USA]

MPC is also present here:

I   Mexico

II America del Sur: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela

III Centro America: Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize

IV  El Caribe: Cuba, Republica Dominicana

V.  Latinos de los Estados Unidos y Canada: Washington, Ohio, California, Nevada, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Texas, Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey, Colorado, Vancouver



  1. Praised be Jesus Christ our Lord! May the solemnity of His Sacred heart carry you and your mission in the bosom of his love.

    • Yay! Praise god for our mission Father. It is definitely a privilege to be called to work in HIS vineyard.

  2. Hi Teny,

    I was affirmed by your sharing. May God really enlarge our territories for His glory!

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