Eucharistic Miracles Assembly Overflowing with Grace… and People

On August 3, 2012, Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows was filled with people listening to the findings and realities of Eucharistic Miracles. Our speaker was Dr. Ricardo Castañon Gomez of Bolivia, President of Grupo Internacional Para La Paz, (International Group for Peace), on the topic:

“Eucharistic Miracles (Milagros Eucharisticos), the triumph of faith over science.”

His presentation centered on the results of a scientific a study on Eucharistic Miracles from Lanciano in the 8th century to our present day – the bleeding host in Buenos Aires, showing and providing the scientific proof of the extraordinary reality of the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

And along with Dr. Castañon’s talk there was the Vatican International Exhibition on Eucharistic Miracles.

Dr. Castañon is a doctor in abnormal psychology, specializing in psychosomatic medicine & neuropsicofisiologia cognitive, a clinical psychologist specializing in brain biochemistry, psychotherapy, pathology, toxico dependencies and applied psychology and has participated in more than half a dozen studies on Eucharistic Miracles over the past two decades. His Facebook.

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  1. Can you provide contact information, or at least a web site, for Dr. Castañon. I’ve been looking, but am unable to find one. The International Group for Peace for link no longer works.


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