(Part 71)


December 7, 2015

I am delighted to have been here in Africa during the time when Pope Francis was here. I am even more delighted to hear him speak about what we in LCSC are here in Africa for (as well as throughout the world). We are called to do massive evangelization. To be able to do that effectively, we need to be witnesses who are growing in holiness and who boldly proclaim the gospel. We help bring the lost sheep back to God and back to the Church, thus helping to bring renewal and revival to our Church.

There is much to be done. We need more workers for the harvest—proclaimers of the gospel, evangelizers, witnesses, missionaries. LCSC intends to multiply Church lay workers and to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization. Such workers need apostolic zeal, enthusiasm for mission, and self-sacrificial commitment.

Pope Francis has issued a renewed call to evangelization. We in LCSC are here to respond.


Pope concludes apostolic journey to Africa, urges faithful to evangelize

November 30, 2015

Pope Francis concluded his six-day apostolic journey to Africa with the celebration of Mass in Barthélémy Boganda Stadium in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, on November 30.

“All the baptized need to continually break with the remnants of the old Adam, the man of sin, ever ready to rise up again at the prompting of the devil,” he preached. “How often this happens in our world and in these times of conflict, hate and war! How easy it is to be led into selfishness, distrust, violence, destructiveness, vengeance, indifference to and exploitation of those who are most vulnerable.”

“We know that our Christian communities, called to holiness, still have a long way to go,” he continued. “Certainly we need to beg the Lord’s forgiveness for our all too frequent reluctance and hesitation in bearing witness to the Gospel.”

Calling upon the nation’s Catholics to be “artisans of the human and spiritual renewal” in their strife-torn country, the Pope issued a renewed call to evangelization:

Each of us, in his or her heart, can ask the crucial question of where we stand with Jesus, asking what we have already accepted – or refused to accept – in responding to his call to follow him more closely. The cry of “those who bring good news” resounds all the more in our ears, precisely when times are difficult; that cry which “goes out through all the earth… to the ends of the earth.

And it resounds here, today, in this land of Central Africa. It resounds in our hearts, our families, our parishes, wherever we live. It invites us to persevere in enthusiasm for mission, for that mission which needs new “bearers of good news”, ever more numerous, generous, joyful and holy. We are all called to be, each of us, these messengers whom our brothers and sisters of every ethnic group, religion and culture, await, often without knowing it. For how can our brothers and sisters believe in Christ – Saint Paul asks – if the Word is neither proclaimed nor heard?


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