Evangelization in Cebu!

We, as members of the CFC FFL community, are called to be evangelistic and missionary, and the call to share God’s work and His words is very real in the heart of every CFC FFL member in Cebu. It took us months in preparing for the Christian Life Seminar as CFC FFL members started to share and talk about the CLS in their Parishes and with friends – person to person evangelization – while at the same time building the team that will be serving through the different modules and talks, regular monthly gatherings and weekly households.

We are also blessed to have a very supportive Parish Priest that encourages us to pursue the goal of sharing Jesus to others. The wonderful parish of St. Ignatius became the home of  CFC FFL Cebu and also the venue of the CLS.

The Lord has His ways of affirming His cause, we are blessed to have 25 participants in the CLS! Good enough to start the evangelization work in Cebu. Just like how Jesus selected the 12 – small and weak, but with Gods anointing and empowerment, became very significant in the life of the Church and the mission of Jesus.

When we allow the Lord to use us, He can make wonders out of us! We have a God that can always be our strength, the God that is active, present, and involved in our lives. (Pat Oconer, Provincial Area Coordinator)


  1. Praise God for this new development re evangelization and mission in my home province of Cebu. When we left Cebu in 2007, we were confident that the small group that we once led would be the seed group for CFC-FFL in Cebu. I am referring to Brod Joe Olvido and his group.
    Hi Pat. Your last visit to our area in Indiana was life-giving and highly evangelistic. Hope to see you in one of your mission travels in the future. — Ted Decamotan

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