Evangelization is our Call, Duty and our Privilege

Evangelization is our Call, Duty and our Privilege

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Jayjay Tropicales

The book of our Servant General Tito Frank Padilla “Fishers of Men” reminded me of my calling to be a missionary. It is to give more of myself to others, to sacrifice for the others and offer my life to others. We live not for ourselves but for the sake of Gods people.

Evangelization is our call, duty and our privilege.

Following the Lord is our true design and sharing the good news of Jesus to others is our call. I can still remember the very moment when God called to me to be a lay missionary, He just simply told me to follow Him regardless of doubts, worries and fears present in my heart, and He was telling me that it is not a favor nor a request but a sacred command. As sinful as I am, unworthy as I am I responded to His call to be a modern day missionary and be committed in proclaiming His goodness to every people who longs for God for I know it is what the world needs today. I res

Evangelization is Gods Call to every Christian

God went to great lengths to bring salvation to men. And God wants those who have experienced this salvation to become instruments in bringing this salvation to others. “When God calls us, we always say yes and we never say no”. We are called to become fishers of men. We are called to proclaim the good news especially to those who do not know Him and need of him. We will go to those who are living in the peripheries and we will bring the good news of salvation. God is giving us the opportunity to become his co-workers. God is allowing us, sinful creatures that we are to be part of a divine endeavor, to be instruments of His lights and His life to others. We will respond to His call to be fishers of men because God loves us unconditionally and we don’t want to be selfish of the love and salvation He has given us. This life is worth living for we are battling with our commander in chief who is Jesus.

The challenge to all of us is to fight for our call and be still amidst circumstances, oppression and obstacles.  As God calls us, He will forever defend us and protect us to any battle of evangelization.