Every Child Is Special

(By Jasmine Afuang, YFL Cubao District)

Jesus then said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

On the 25th of March, we celebrate not only the Feast of the Annunciation, but also of the unborn child. It is the day we remember the children who have been graced with life but did not make it into the world. Every child is special no matter what, even the unborn. And in line with this commemoration and remembrance; members of the community shared to us their thoughts and answers on the question: Why are children special?

These are the different responses we have gathered:

“Children are special because everyone is special and because they are God’s gift to us.” – Angeli Lava

“Children are special because they are the perfect examples of innocence. They also can see beyond the exterior of things and because of their imagination, they believe that anything is possible.” – Renee Mariano

“Children are like God’s angels sent to earth. They are God’s creation and a representation of His love and the miracle of life. They are also a great reminder for us to live by His ways to be able to secure a future full of hope for them to be able to live their lives as we did.” – Luvi Joquico

“Children are special because they are the next generation of leaders and nation-builders. As God’s gift in our lives, they should be cared for so that they can see and reach their potentials.”– Ken Guevara

“Every child is important because they are the life of their parents, the source of happiness to every family, strength of every nation and the hope of the world. Every child is important, and that is an understatement.”  – Jermer Cruz

“For me, children are special because they have the most innocent minds and the purest intentions. They just want to be happy and that’s it. They do not desire for more. No matter how simple something is, they manage to create beautiful and extravagant things out of it. Most especially, they are special because they have the most trusting heart. Though they have fears, they are able to conquer these fears because they know and they believe that their parents will be there, and that God will be there for them.” – Trenzy Rombaoa

“Every child is a blessing. Not all blessings are recognized, or taken as a good thing initially. But to see a bundle of joy and realizing that nothing else matters, is enough to bring happiness to everyone around. To have an innocent, young child be able to radiate peace and contentment to others is in itself, magical.” – Christopher Deatras

“Children are special because of their capacity to make other people happy or smile. A hug, kiss or simple letters from them can brighten up anyone’s day and they have the ability to make you feel special. They are also special because they are the most honest, sincere, compassionate and innocent people God has ever made. Their honesty won’t hurt you but instead, it will make you feel that they really care for you and they are sincere with every word they say. Lastly, children are special because they are God’s instruments to make us stop and realize how precious and special life is.” – Iya Guevarra

“Children personify the ideal make-up of a human mind: pure and unbiased. Jesus Himself said that to enter the kingdom of God you must be child-like, so why wouldn’t they be special?” – Jolo Ramos

“They are the products of the love of a mother and father; they are special because they have a unique way of making their parents happy.” – Merlyn Arguelles

Indeed, just as everyone has answered, there are many reasons why children are special.   Among one of the most important is that because they come from God. A child is a miracle— a truly wondrous miracle of life from God, and each one of them has a right to live not only in this life, but in our hearts, in our memories, and for eternity in God’s embrace.