(Part 110)


January 3, 2015

From 2001 our numbers in CFC decreased from year to year. This was arrested by the restoration of 2007. From that time, we have grown in membership from year to year, but are no longer seeing the massiveness of the harvest. It can be said that our evangelization has stalled. In truth, this is the situation of practically all the other ecclesial movements. Much work and energy are still being put in, but the results are not proportionate.

This has given rise to discouragement and even despair. Some have lost enthusiasm in mounting CLSs, given the expectation that the harvest would be minimal. The work has slowed down, zeal has diminished, expectations run low.

Vision has been impaired.

It is the enemy’s work to discourage us. It is the Holy Spirit’s work to encourage us. What are we supposed to be? We are fishers of men. Who do we serve? Christ, and not ourselves or our community. So we look to Jesus. Let us look back to the time he expanded the vision of Peter, the very first appointed fisher of men.

Peter had fished all night and caught nothing. He was tired, frustrated and discouraged. But Jesus told him to cast his net again. He did, and caught such a great number of fish that the nets were tearing.

We need to look only to Jesus, and to obey what he tells us to do. Today the Lord tells us to do LCSC. Like Peter, some of us might not agree and thus be reluctant. We might just miss out on the rich harvest.

God wants all to be saved. He relies on us. That massive harvest might just be around the corner. The Holy Spirit guides us in the way we are to go. We just need to be obedient to Jesus and docile to the Holy Spirit. We just need to make ourselves available as His instruments. When God decides to act, we will face the same situation as Peter and his co-fishermen. “For astonishment at the catch of fish they had made seized him and all those with him” (Lk 5:9). The harvest could be unlike anything we have ever experienced before, beyond our wildest expectations, beyond proportion to our efforts and resources.

We have been called to the New Evangelization. We have been given LCSC. Might we be facing a new Pentecost, a revival, a new springtime of faith?

Expand your vision.

*     *     *