Experienced Jesus like no other at the World Youth Day

IMG_5575(By Florence Gemmalie Itao)

2011 was my favorite year. I graduated from College, had an opportunity to go on mission to Mindanao for the first time, felt the desire to go fulltime in missionary work and more importantly, experienced Jesus like no other at the World Youth Day in Madrid.

No words can describe how amazing the World Youth Day was. It was my first time to go to Europe and to attend the WYD. Each day was filled with God’s promises being revealed to me through my daily encounters with Him. It was definitely a life-changing experience to every pilgrim. But more than that, it was a very memorable one because this is where I saw a miracle happened right before my very eye – Kuya Gam, my older brother, being transformed by God through the whole WYD experience.

Serving in community with my family has been my longtime prayer. I could not help but feel sad whenever I attend CFC activities without my family. They were active before but they decided to lie low after the split. One morning I realized that my family needed to experience God’s love again. I would not stay true to my calling as a missionary if I were not able to evangelize my own family.

I had a difficult time inviting my parents because they were too busy, and I did not know the schedules and activities of CFC. So when I heard that the community was organizing a delegation to WYD in Madrid, I did everything I could to know about the details, and I convinced my parents to allow my brothers and me to attend the WYD.

In the middle of the preparations, Kuya James, my younger brother, found out that he could not join anymore because of his thesis. Kuya Gam and I left for Madrid, and the rest was a beautiful, life-changing history. Now, Kuya Gam is an active and committed SFL member.

My younger brother graduated last year, meaning he can already join this year’s WYD. I am more than excited on how God will talk to my brother in this worthwhile event. I know that as I witness my younger brother’s transformation, I will prove once again that God answers our prayers as best suited to His plans; and that nothing is impossible as long as you have strong faith in Him.

I welcomed 2013 with an open heart and a trusting heart that this year would be a year of conversion to a lot of people, especially to my own family.  I am privileged to be working as a Full Time Pastoral worker for CFC YFL, and I know that seeing miracles within my family would fuel me to serve and give more in helping more families to be renewed.

I thank the Lord for WYD 2011. And I know that I will be thanking Him more for all the moving experiences and Jesus encounters that I have yet to experience at the WYD 2013. One thing is for sure; I would not miss the opportunity of witnessing how the Lord will change the life of my younger brother.

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