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September 16, 2015

The mission of CFC-FFL is evangelization founded on family renewal. Our work is to renew the family and to defend life. As with everything else that troubles the world (crime, corruption, immorality, war, climate change, etc.), there needs to be a change in people’s hearts and thus right there is the importance of our work of evangelization.

Thus our critical Core Values:

  • The second: Evangelistic and missionary.
  • The third: Focused on the family.
  • The fourth: Being community.
  • The seventh: Being a servant to the Church.

In CFC-FFL the natural relationship among the family, the Christian community and the Church come together.


Revitalize alliance between Church and family, Pope urges at weekly audience

Catholic World News – September 09, 2015

At his weekly public audience on September 9, Pope Francis said that “it is indispensable to revitalize the covenant between the family and the Christian community.”

There is a natural relationship between the family and the Church, the Popes aid, since “the Church is a spiritual family, and the family is a little Church.”

Moreover, the Pontiff continued, the Church and the family stand in a vital alliance against “the centers of power: ideological, financial, and political” that control public life. These centers of power control most of the events that are recorded in history books, the Pope said, but “the story of human affections is written directly on the heart of God, and that is the story that remains in eternity.” Thus it is in the family and in the Church, he said, that we find “the history that matters to the Lord.”

Pope Francis went on to say that the Church and the family, two communities of love, are always ready to welcome people with love. The Church, he stressed, must always have open doors to welcome people. “Churches, parishes, and institutions with closed doors cannot call themselves churches-– they should call themselves museums.”

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