Family Catechesis through LBS for October 23, 2011


My Dear Brethren,

As we do our work beyond our 30 years, faced with many challenges and the full force of the enemy, we need to be equipped. One of the most important aspects in drawing upon the very strength of God is our relationship with Jesus. This relationship is enhanced by our knowledge of the word of God. Know the word so that you will know the Word.

As such, I heartily endorse the Family Catechesis through the Liturgical Bible Study. This is something that all CFC-FFL families can do. We have produced a video that shows the Arguelles family conducting the LBS. Please check it out and use it to further your own appreciation of this important Bible resource.

God bless you all.



  1. "Missus", a latin word, is the root word for our english "mission" and it means SENT. How many times we used SEND every single day whenever we wish to post a message in the internet/mail. How many times we SEND a helper/maid/driver to do something we wish accomplished in our name.

  2. There is really ONLY ONE who is SENT…. JESUS CHRIST, "for God so loved the world, that He SENT His only Son so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life! [John 3:15-16].

  3. For this reason, there is really ONLY ONE MISSION … one single purpose for which Jesus Christ joyfully, devotedly and willfully lived his life – that all may come to eternal life. All other mission [be it to teach, to cure, to journey from one place to another, to meet people, to eat with sinners] has this one single intent which is at the very bottom of the Father's heart. He is Father [the only Father] and so, He wants us all, his children, to come to LIFE, to join Him in His blissful life, to come HOME where there is peace, communion and love.

  4. This liturgical bible study or LBS is one of the greatest thing that has happened to CFCFFL. The Arguelles family ought to be congratulated for coming forward to lead it on the Tube. Having produced for television and radio before, I can run a list of how this can be improved technically. But no, the austerity of the setting, the participation of the family and most of all the glaring truth of the Gospel and the epistles, in any setting, in any form, in any medium is self-sufficient. The truth is all we need, it explains itself to all ages, and when lived out, it burns hearts and soon spread itself like wildfire,

  5. We must pray for the Arguelles family, and other families in the future who would boldly face the Tube and declare their appreciation of the truth. When done weekly, I see the day when this "show" will be invited by one of the leading television stations to be part of its regular programming. Having taught Scriptures for the past thirty years by sheer word of mouth, I see great potential from the Arguelles family to the rest of world. It is no accident this pilot program began with the two greatest commandments. Love of God and neighbor encompasses all, in Jesus name.

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