Family Ministries Appreciation Workshop – Northern Luzon

(by Bob Murga, CFC FFL Family Ministries Int’l Coordinator)

As an action item from the recently held Usapang Family Ministries conferences, we will be holding a Family Ministries Appreciation Workshop for our brethren in North Luzon.  Please mark your calendars and block off February 26, 2012, from 8am to 5pm.  As we will put emphasis on the criticality of effective partnership between both territorial and ministerial leadership, please ensure that there is representation from each in order to make this a very meaningful and productive activity.

The venue will be at the Tarlac State University Hostel, Lucinda Campus, Sampu, Tarlac City.  A fee of P150 will be charged per participant inclusive of food and materials.

On behalf of the CFC FFL Family Ministries, we look forward to seeing you all.


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