Finding God in your every situation

(Joseph Tesoro, Young Ministries International Coordinator)

What I learned most in my WYD experience is finding God in your every situation.  To not miss the point in seeking for Him in my every situation.

This lesson was stressed even more by God during the youth vigil on Saturday night.  All of the delegates gathered in one place.  You can just imagine many things going on during the vigil.  There are people singing praises, some are dancing, some are chatting with each other and most are already sleeping.  I decided to walk around and I found makeshift chapels available everywhere for pilgrims to pray.  The Blessed Sacrament was exposed, and priests were available to hear confession.  When I saw this, I said to myself, this is God’s message to me.  He is present everywhere.  He meets me where I am.  So with a joyful heart, I went to one of the chapels, looked for an english speaking priest, confessed and spent time in the Blessed sacrament.  Boy, what a feeling.  What a comfort to find God’s presence amidst the sea of people.  Truly, the lord meets us where we are (literally and figuratively).

That’s the lesson I take home from Spain.  If you seek God, He meets you where you are.  In good times and in bad He is there, all we have to do is to seek Him!