Firmes en la Fe

(by Bonn Linatoc)

Firmes en la Fe was the theme of the last World Youth Day 2011 which was held in Madrid, Spain. During that time, I’ve learned that as a Catholic, I should be firm in my faith, and more importantly to be firm in my relationship with the Lord. Last 2007, I was sent to Latin America for a two-year mission for the community, and I thought that after the mission and learning their language, I’m done with it. But it was during the WYD that I came to realize that God’s plan is different from my plan. Now I know why God sent me on that mission; not just to know the people and learn their language, but because there will come a time that I will be part of the World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain, and that I will be used by Him. I was able to help my friends and co-workers to understand the people that we encountered there by translating English to Spanish and vice-versa, but most especially for them to understand the message of the Lord for us.

I believe that the Lord has a great plan for me this coming World Youth Day 2013. I know that He will again use me in the same way (or even more) that He used me last WYD 2011. And I just can’t wait to witness that again in my personal life.

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