Fishers of Men: Our Ticket to Heaven, Our Destiny

Fishers of Men: Out Ticket to Heaven, Our Destiny

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Michael Caiga

Evangelization is very important in our world right now. It came across my mind on how I see things differently in the world; full of suffering, distorted ideas of life, hopelessness of many people and a lot of things. The only way to change it is evangelization! This is the only way to remind people on how God desire to love and save us.

That’s why Gods is preparing His people to catch more souls. He chooses unworthy, sinful and ordinary people to do His divine work. This is for us to be His co-worker. He qualifies the unqualified by His grace. He uses this people to catch more souls going back to Him, and to accept Him as a personal Lord and Savior. But Jesus remind us of the implication of evangelizer; to never prejudge a person’s openness to hear and accept the good news, we must not wait to people to seek God and we must never give up on people. This remind me of how God never judge me for who I am before. It also reminds me on how God never give up of pursuing me until I learn to believe and share the good news of salvation and to be one of His fishers of men.

As fishers of men we are not spared of trials and sufferings that the world could give, but may we never forget that God will always there for us. He will equip us, for us to fight and overcome those sufferings. We may fail in the middle of this journey, but God remind us to always connect to Him in prayers and to go on and catch more souls. Don’t be afraid to fail sometimes it will come naturally, but the important thing to do is the willingness of the heart to change and repent and we can only do that if we have a humble heart. Those trials will teach us to be more efficient fishers of men.

That’s why as end my reflection I came to realize as we catch more men and lead them to God. Don’t worry for the fish to eat because God is catching fish for us – this is his promised for us. More than that, He is preparing our ticket to heaven, our destiny. The only way to follow Him to that destiny is to deny our self, take up our cross daily and follow Him.