(Part 122)


May 23, 2015

Today’s gospel:  John 21:20-25

There is only one thing we need to do in our spiritual life and work, and that is to follow Jesus. Unquestioningly, unequivocably, unhesitatingly, unwaveringly, with faith. We are to keep our eyes on Jesus, and make sure we are following in his footsteps. Unfortunately, when we serve the Lord, we often look at what others are doing and compare our situations. “Lord, what about him?” (v.21).

  • He is not doing as much as I am but is getting more attention.
  • He is not as gifted as I am but has a higher position.
  • He has not served as much as I have but seems to be more blessed.

Jesus answers us, “What concern is it of yours?” (v.22b). God’s ways are mysterious and we are not to assess what God is doing according to our worldly or fleshly standards. We are to mind our own business, and as a disciple, that means God’s business. We leave it up to God to provide whatever fruit He intends for the work of everyone. And our satisfaction and joy is simply in serving Him, whatever the seeming blessing or lack of it it brings.

So Jesus tells us, “You follow me.” (v.22c).

  • Just look to Jesus and not to others, and see that what God has done for us is so much greater than what we can do for Him.
  • We look to God’s affirmation, and not that of the world.
  • We are satisfied with whatever we receive or not receive in terms of earthly recognition or reward, knowing that God’s ultimate reward for work well done is what truly matters.
  • We continue to serve in humility, denial of self, and embrace of the cross.

Follow Jesus and make that your only concern.

*     *     *