For the Priests

The news article on about the 300 Austrian priests who issued a call to disobedience against the Catholic Church is really alarming. Just as some Anglicans are seeking communion with the Catholic Church, a group of our  own Roman Catholic priests are outwardly going against the very Church they have vowed to serve for the rest of their life. The Catholic Church is doing its part as it has designated Cardinal Christoph Schonborn and some other bishops to help them find their way back to the Church.

This is not an isolated case as it has been reported a number of times in the past that some of our priests have gone on their own way. And what is evident is that our Catholic Church has been constantly under attack. The evil one is attacking not just the members of the church but the very people who are tasked to promote the faith and love for the Church.

The bigger question now is, “What are we doing about it?”  We, who are not part of the clergy but are definitely affected by the attacks to its pastors. Recognizing the fact that we are in a spiritual warfare and the evil one is definitely behind it, one great thing we can do is to pray for our priests unceasingly.  It is for this reason that the Full Timers of CFC YFL have initiated intercessory prayers every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 to pray for our Catholic Church, the pope and all the clergy. After our prayers, we will be going to celebrate the Eucharist together to show our communion to the one, true, Catholic, apostolic Church which our Lord Jesus Christ has established.

This action was brought about by the recent attacks the media and Philippine society has thrown to our local bishops whom they have maliciously branded as corrupt and have destroyed their integrity in the eyes of the public with the lies perpetrated against them. We felt a great need to come to their aid and all the other priests and bishops all over the world who are persecuted.

We invite all the other ministries to join us in our little efforts or initiate their own prayer times for our clergy and our whole Catholic Church.

(Cocoi Javier, International Coordinator of CFC Youth for Family and Life)

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