God Qualifies the Called

God Qualifies the Called

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Elbert Liporada

This book from our Servant General simply reminds us how privileged we are to experience the love of God and to be a vessel of this love to those people who are last, least and lost. It affirms us that “It is not a mistake that God chose us to be His instrument”. I remember the time when God asked me to become a missionary. Despite all the doubts and fears I still said “Yes” to Him because deep in my heart I know that serving the Lord and his people are the things that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Evangelization is not easy. For 1 year of being a missionary in Visayas there were times where I fall short into the pitfalls of evangelization. One of these is personal comfort and selfishness. I always have reservations for myself instead of giving my all for God. I do this because I wanted to protect myself from rejections and hurts that could possibly happen to me in mission. But I was wrong because following Christ entails hardships and rejections and part of saying yes to this call is also saying yes to face the same adversity with him.

Reading this book “Fishers of Men” helped me to embrace more my calling as a missionary and have a deeper understanding on the work for evangelization. Through this, I realized that every day is an opportunity for us to share His cause because God calls us to evangelize in the ordinary circumstances of our day-to-day lives allowing others to see Him through us. According to one of my favorite priest, he said “We need to strive to be good for us to be able to share the good news.” In order for us to share Christ to others, we must first allow ourselves to live Christ in us so that his goodness will radiate in our speech and actions. Also, I am reminded that I am not alone in this mission because I have you and the rest of the people who said yes to this call. And we need to work together as one body, as a coordinated team, as a united army. For we are one family with one mission striving to be one in Christ.

Evangelization is everyone’s calling. We are not only the ones who are called but all of us are called to live a life of mission and a life pleasing to God. That is why we have to extend ourselves to others and remind them again of this calling regardless of their status, belief and age for we know that no one is too young to know Christ. And the more we know about Him the more we know ourselves, our purpose and our call to be missionary and evangelistic to others because all of us deserve to experience the best life ever and we will finish this mission strong telling God and ourselves that we lived a life like no other.