God said…

pao(by Pao Barcelona, SFL Antipolo)

Recently I always ask Him…  LORD, BAKIT? LORD, TOTOO KA BA? LORD, BAKIT GANITO NANYAYARI SAKIN NGAYON? LORD ANO BA TALAGA? I have lots of issues today: Career issues – I don’t know what to do: corporate work or business? Financial issues– I’m 25 now and I still don’t have a bank account. Family issues– I know I should be responsible as the eldest and yet I still see myself as a highschool student.

Honestly, di ko na alam at gusto ko na lang takasan ang lahat but HE spoke to me and gave me this answer during worship “Ako ang bahala sa’yo.”

It gave me strength and I realized that the reason why I fail to hear what He wants me to do because He wants me to fix my eyes on Him and He will help me resolve each one.

What’s next? What will happen to my family, my career and my finances? Clearly His message was: “Think of me now.”

And indeed, Lord, YOU are greater than any of these. I’ll resolve these issues ONE at a time with You by my side. In God’s perfect time, HE will reveal everything to me. I declare that I will start LIVING and GOD will do the rest.

Praise God!