God’s Awesome Love and Mercy

By Douglas & Esperanza Monsanto, CFC FFL New Jersey, USA

God’s manifestation of His love and mercy in our life should always be revealed to others.  As His children, we are called to share with other how our Father loves us dearly and that with Him, nothing is impossible


The story we would like to share with you is about our 32-year old son, our youngest – Paul Douglas D. Monsanto, Jr. In our life, we have witnessed many times the awesome healing power of our Almighty. We totally submit our family’s welfare into the hands of our Lord with the Divine intervention of our Blessed Mother.


April 30, 2010. Our son Paul tried to register in his company gym’s fitness program.  The attendant took a reading of his blood pressure and was surprised at his abnormal readings. Paul went to his health care physician who confirmed similar readings. The doctor then recommended that an ultrasound examination be done immediately.  The procedure revealed a cyst and further CT-Scan diagnostic test indicated a mass on Paul’s right hand side kidney that required surgery.


June 6, 2010. We went to the Blue Army Shrine in Washington Township, New Jersey, to pray for the Blessed Mother Mary’s help and guidance.  Likewise, for our Lord Jesus Christ’s healing power for our son, Paul.


June 9, 2010. We offered Holy Mass at the Immaculate Conception Church in Elizabeth for God’s healing power to be extended to the doctor doing the surgery in the afternoon at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Right after the surgery, the doctor told us that he had removed the affected kidney for further laboratory tests.


A few weeks later the doctor briefed Paul and his wife about possible health issues that could happen and that he might need follow-up treatment while the pathology report had not yet begun.  In anticipation, our entire family went to the National Centre for Padre Pio in Barto, Pennsylvania for St. Pio’s intercession of God’s divine mercy and healing grace.  Regularly, our family, relatives  and community friends would also join us in prayer.  We all petitioned our Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus Christ to take control of our son’s health problems and our family life.


July 28,2010. Paul’s doctor brought the good news about the pathology report from Sloan Kettering Cancer center in New York. The diagnostic findings showed us that the mass was “benign.”


We always remember that whenever two or more people pray together, our Lord Jesus Christ is in their midst. From this experience we learned to praise the Lord for His divine mercy and everlasting love; to continue to pray for strengthening of faith and to keep a positive attitude that He will always be there for us; to always pray for the Lord to extend His healing power to doctors and those who are in the field of healthcare services; to pray that the Lord will allow us to serve more and to continue to have more opportunities to love our family and neighbors for his greater glory.