God’s Great Risk

God's Great Risk

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Fyron Umali

Our world today is in need. In need of people who are willing to respond to the call of discipleship – disciples who are willing to abandon everything to be fishers of men. It is a great privilege to be called and continue the work of the Lord that He has started 2000 years ago. To be called as fishers of men is one of the great manifestation of His great love for us for He is taking that risk to entrust to us to continue and finish the work that Jesus started.

This is a call and a great challenge for all of us today. For each one of us was given this call but unfortunately, not everyone responded to this call. Many people deny this call that’s why the problem today is that the word of God is not passed on to others. Many people don’t recognized the love of God in their lives and get confused of their purpose because no one has courageous enough to tell them the true and real message and purpose of God in their lives.

That’s why there is an urgency to respond courageously and selflessly to the call that God has given to all of us. We need to focus in honoring the call that was given to us by saying yes to every work that God will ask us to do and by focusing on the things that we can do rather than to do the things that we can’t.

God called ordinary people to do extra ordinary things. He knows our weaknesses and strength that’s why we don’t need to rely on our own capabilities and resources rather be dependent of God alone. Remember that when He calls, He equips. We are His co-workers that’s why He will never leave us and abandon us in doing this work of evangelization. The assurance that this call will be fruitful and victorious is that this is His work and not ours.

But this call entails sufferings and a lot of sacrifices. Saying yes to God in His call to be fishers of men is saying no to a lot of things in this world. It is saying no also to the things we usually do every day that hinders us in doing this work and to the things that we are so comfortable with. God will send people who will affirm us of this call and remind us that we are not alone in this work. People whom we need to work to as one for the furtherance of the mission.

This work and calling will not just be smooth and easy for the devil is at work too in slowing down the spreading of the word of God. Most of the time, he attacks directly the relationship of one another of those who respond to the call to be fishers of men. It is hard to evangelize other people if we as fishers of men does not evangelize one another. Unity is a crucial aspect to the furtherance of the work of evangelization. We will be united if we align and surrender our mind and heart to Jesus. If we become one as fishers of men, we can expect to reap a great harvest just like how St. Peter harvest a lot of fish when he unite himself to God by being obedient to what he was asked to do.

The call to be fishers of men is so urgent. We need to respond to this call with loyalty and love. We need to fix and place our mind and heart to Jesus so that what ever hindrance or obstacle we may encounter, we will not be slow down and stop in doing this work. It is a great privilege and a great manifestation of God’s love for all of us. He has taken that great risk to entrust to us the continuation of the work that He has started. Let’s take part in doing this work. Let us be fishers of men and evangelize with the sense of urgency.