God’s Love Never Fails

(by Nice Daniel, CFC SFL Ozamiz)

Taken from CFC SFL.

“As much as you want to plan your life, God will always surprise us with unexpected things that will make us experience what true joy is. For His plan is always better than our plans.”

I answered God’s call when I attended the CFC SFL CLS last 2009. I became an SFL member when I was still working in Cagayan de Oro City without knowing the fact that my parents also chose CFC FFL after 20 years of being lay low from the old Community in Ozamiz. I don’t feel homesick because of the overwhelming fellowship of the CFC FFL Community in CDO especially my brothers and sisters in SFL. I have received many blessings in my life and I dreamt of sharing this to my hometown and let them experience the absolute bliss of serving God through the community. After 3 years, I abandoned my stable job due to a crisis in my career and love life. I decided to go back to Ozamiz, I was in the state of confusion that time to the point that I even questioned God’s plans for me, but it was really His timing after all.

After I left CDO, God gave me the privilege of serving in the first SFL CLS in my hometown. For the first time, the CFC FFL Chapters in Ozamiz and Tangub conducted a CLS exclusively for SFL. God provided me the time to prepare and help out since I was the only SFL sister in our area while the only SFL brother was still in Cebu for an exam and the SFL Coordinator that time had a conflict with his work. I am glad that I would be able to fulfill my dream of bringing CFC SFL in our province and so I started to communicate with the SFL missionaries Bro. Dylan and Sis. Chloe and then I also communicate with SFL CDO to ask for their assistance in preparing the CLS.

During the preparation for the CLS, I experienced some harassment in the process. First, we did not receive the expected donation for the CLS.  Second, most of the people that I am encouraging to join rejected my invitation. And third, I received the news that the SFL team from CDO won’t make it as well. I was so devastated with the thought that I will be working alone. But you know what? God made me realized that He is stronger than all of those harassments. The sole SFL Brother and our SFL Coordinator even if they were not around had shown me their support through encouraging calls and text messages. My family, friends and the CFC-FFL Community were very supportive too. Through them I felt God’s working and support. I found this new strength in Him and finished the CLS preparations the night before the event. God is faithful the financial help that we are expecting came and after some adjustments the service team from CDO were able to go on mission.

And though we had a flat tire on our way to the venue and were stranded for a while the Lord immediately rescued us and we are able to fix the tire. During the CLS, oppressions continue to distract our sessions: loud noise from the marching band practice plus a blackout in the middle of a talk preventing us to use the sound system and AVPs. Despite all of these things that are happening we continue with our mission. Nothing can stop us in proclaiming God to our participants.

Seventeen participants finished the said CLS. The graduates were composed of 7 men and 10 women.  Many are called but few are chosen. I believe that the number of graduates are just enough for us to handle especially for a starting area like Ozamiz.

God made all things possible through the presence of the missionaries and the whole CFC-FFL Family in Misamis Occidental.  The success of the CLS is a proof that miracles still do happen.  I was teary-eyed during the final praise and worship, telling God that I won’t have the courage and strength if it wasn’t for him and me thank God for not letting us down. Seeing the participants smiling after the CLS made every time, money and effort spent meaningful.

I realized that my service in CFC SFL is the only thing that I can wholeheartedly do without complaining. Since God has entrusted me to take care of these new members, I will always serve them with so much love because all of them and my special God deserve the best from me. Amen.