God’s plan is better than ours.

(Joseph Tesoro, Live Pure Movement)

God’s plan is better than our plans.  A lot of times when we plan everything out for something, our minds are already set on it and we want to be in control.  But God’s mind is different from ours.  What seems to be a mess in our plans is a masterpiece in His.

The last European youth and singles congress in Madrid, Spain on August 12-14 was a manifestation that His plans are always better than ours.  We started the congress with a plan of having the first night in the hotel’s garden, the second night in the pool side and the third day in the big hall.  Sounds like a good plan right?  But God’s is better.  As we were kicking off the congress with a praise parade, the sky got darker and started to rain.  The show went on but the whole service team prayed harder and harder.  In my mind, I was praying, Lord let your will be done.  The rain stopped so we proceeded with the first session, my talk.  After speaking for a while, I paused for a video presentation.  While we were watching the video, it started to rain again, this time stronger.  So we were forced to transfer to a small covered space adjacent to the garden.  I was actually surprised we all fit in.  That’s when it hit me.  I knew in my heart that the Lord was teaching all of us.  He wanted His plans to be followed.  He wanted us to be in a small intimate space for the message to be really understood.  God was not finished with us yet, at the middle of my talk, the power went out.  So i continued speaking in the dark with no microphone.  When I reached the point of my talk where I said, “that’s how special you are to God,” the lights went back on!  God indeed wanted to stress a point!  HE wanted the participants to remember the message that night and He wanted us service team to never forget that He is in control.

On the second today, we discovered that our hotel was near a hill with a big Church and monastery.  We all said to each other, why not hold our second night there.  And so we did.  We all went up the hill – service team and participants – and held the third talk and the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament there.  It became more solemn and meaningful to everybody.  God’s plan was really in full effect!

The weekend was a manifestation of God being forever strong!  God in His whole strength is always in control.  More than the speakers saying this, it is He Himself who spoke loudly to everybody present in the congress.  Truly His plans are better than our plans, only if we allow Him to be in control and we allow Him to be our strength forever!