Great Servant Leadership is a Lifestyle, not a Technique

(by Pat Oconer, Work with the Poor International Coordinator)

Being in community for a number of years makes you desire to grow everyday in your faith walk with God. And along with it are opportunities of encountering people, mentoring them, pastoring them, and giving them nourishment. The greatest part of community is sharing to other people how great God is in your life, and how it is manifested.

Great servant leadership is a lifestyle, it is the way we live our lives and how people see our life being lived for Him. Our devotion, commitment, and conviction makes us a living testimony of God’s might and mercy. Permanence is what we are here for, to make Gods work remain, and be maintained. Ministry and community programs won’t do it by itself, but it is primarily our relationship with people, being personal, and living a life of servanthood while we serve God through His people, that will make His work permanent. A lifetime effect to people! It is not a technique, but a lifestyle.