Happy 30th Anniversary, CFC FFL!

Ever since my parents joined CFC FFL back in July 1990, our family has been DEEPLY inlove with the Lord.

I can still remember the days when my parents would bring all three of us (Ate Chen, me and Gilbert) to their mission areas or household meetings every week – be it a 2-hour drive from Batangas City to Mataas na Kahoy, Tuy and Mabini or an overnight boat ride to Sablayan and Abra, Occidental Mindoro; when my parents would teach us to raise our hands and sing Blessing and Glory as loud as we can; when my siblings and I would go on ‘shifting’ as sharer when papa is asked to deliver a talk; when mama would pack our stuff the night before kids and youth camps/ conferences/ mission trips.

And now, as we celebrate CFC FFL’s 30th Anniversary, we thank the Lord for the wonderful gift of this community to our family. We may be in different parts of the world right now (Ate Chen in Toronto, me in Singapore and my parents + brother in the Philippines), but through CFC FFL, we feel complete.

I cannot imagine my future family without experiencing the same kind of LOVE and HAPPINESS for and from the Lord through this community.

Happy 30th Anniversary, CFC FFL!

– MM Napa [CFC Singles for Family and Life Singapore]